When we talk about marketing, we not only refer to the quality of the product but position it against other brands with equal or higher sales indexes in the market. With the age of the Internet and globalization, competition has become tremendous; therefore, one essential strategy for success is search engine optimization (SEO).

How do I develop strategies to position myself?

One of the challenging jobs of digital marketing  agencies is developing content based on search optimization; this is one of the most important channels that will generate traffic and, therefore, sales.

Specific advertising actions have changed from the days of traditional marketing. As commented previously, it is not only the quality of the product but the positioning of such product in a way its intended audience can find it.

Traditionally the strategy used to be to “push the product” to covert a sale. Currently, sales strategies are a lot more varied, with some looking to attract the customer towards the brand, or in other words, “pull them”; where they will decide on a product from a brand they already like and trust.

It may not be rocket science, but if it does require marketing knowledge and know-how to position a product the right way.  Positioning goes front to front with the strategies used by agencies to highlight your brand, even if it is a company just starting, it will need to generate visibility to grow in the market and the most crucial thing, generate traffic to sell the product.

Now… What is SEO?

It’s an acronym for Search Engine Optimization, simple, right? However, it is not something that simple. It requires a series of techniques  and strategic disciplines implemented online to scale in search engine positioning, after all, we are all interested in positioning the brand in the search engines, which are, let us say, the Internet’s vehicle to search for a product or service.

Your volume of traffic is crucial because it will allow the possible clients to assess you as an option. We all want to have alternatives when choosing a product, and your brand needs to become one of those options for as many buyers as possible.

Advantages of implementing SEO strategies for your brand

Increase Internet traffic

This is what we call the “attraction stage,” and it’s the moment to make an impact on your audience, here is where you need to be ready with a professional website and have all your communication channels up to the level your audience expects. Make use of keywords and tools like hashtags to leave the path for your audience to find you!

Attracting the correct traffic

One of the most significant stages, because we know how dense the Internet is, so if a person needs to buy jeans, it is not important to visit our hammer company; so the content and the brand must adequately stratify potential customers for our market.

Generate opportunities for choosing the brand

We need to create an opportunity through inbound, trying to capture the customer’s attention by creating valuable content and enrichment of the customer experience to denote the brand’s commitment to the potential customers.

Providing something that the competition does not have

Alternatively, that is of greater value, even if it takes hard work, good content, and strategic organization of the brand will allow customers to choose those companies with more significant commitment and that stand out from the rest.

Very important… The types of search

Search by web browsing

Do you remember when we spoke above that the customer who wants something specific does not look for alternatives but the brand directly? 

Well, this would be the case, but not so simple; many times, people do not remember the specific URL of the store they intend to visit so they go to the search browser to find the website of their interest. In this case, a well-positioned brand could capture the attention of that client and take them to know your brand, which may be a suitable option for them in the future.

Informational Search

In this type of search, the potential client has an intention that is to obtain information, and they do not know the brands; they only need to handle information about a product or service, the content you offer will capture that person as a potential client, it is a strategy of organic visibility and seeks to solve an immediate customer need.

Transactional search

It is one of the most important since it is aimed at the direct purchase of the product; the client’s direct intention is to transform the search into a transaction. It is especially valuable for e-commerces and is generally stratified to the location, industry, and specific need; SEO strategies are extremely valuable in positioning the company as a potential choice for the client.

Now the most critical part.

How do I make a good SEO strategy and successful search positioning?

  • Objectives must be defined when optimizing; it must be specified if you want to inform, convert, generate traffic, increase positioning. Not all companies have the same objectives; although it seems that the objective is always to sell, the methods used are not the same. Some seek to educate to convert into sales; there are those who already generate sales but want to position themselves against their competitionSo it is imperative to define where I want my strategy to go.
  • Create potential customers as we have been explaining; not all audiences want the same, the audience must be stratified to find what type of customers I want to reach with my content, especially since this would allow the conversion of the sale and the good traffic to your brand.
  • Investigate the keywords that are of value for the brand and content, and this will also allow the correct positioning in the most important search engines. This research requires a complete procedure, starting with the main idea or macro idea, then determining scope volume and creating a list of valuable words.
  • The competition should always be evaluated, reviewing what they offer, what can I offer that stands out from them? Rather than focusing on them, it is to assess what stands out in my brand; with this information, it is possible to adopt better optimization routes and opportunities to highlight the brand.
  • Optimize the content based on the type of company, and it is not the same to provide complete information about a product, such as space rockets, then to manage information from an artisanal pasta-making store. The descriptive content is different, and the readers or interested parties as well. The stratification of the audiences will go front to front, and what they would look for, is about getting a little ahead of the market’s intentionality.

So one of the fundamental pillars in the success of a brand is to have specialized assistance and investment in marketing to generate much greater engagement with the audiences that would be the potential customers that convert the sales of the product.

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